Hazel has worked with EC Harris on two engagements and had a positive impact on both occasions.

Hazel delivered stress management and emotional intelligence training for EC Harris.  She was professional with a lively, engaging delivery and demonstrated a depth of knowledge with an effective, realistic and workable approach.

The training gave us tools to make changes to the way we think about and perceive work-related stress that we could apply across the company.  She provided practical measures that could be immediately implemented.

A comprehensive workbook supported the session and contained relevant exercises and further information clearly laid out and skilfully presented.

Hazel understood and fully met our brief, the session was beneficial and appropriate to our business needs and delivered great value for money.

Hazel was also asked to carry out a guided meditation session for our senior leaders at our annual conference.  The brief was to influence the delegates in a positive way at the beginning of the second day.  She compiled a bespoke script tailored to our stated requirements which engaged the audience and made this topic, new to many, accessible and understandable.

Hazel also provided a clear and informative handout further explaining meditation with practical tips and guides for delegates who wished to pursue this further.

Lizi Stewart, Service Development Director, EC Harris

I benefited from the opportunity to discuss how the team and I as individuals work in the future and the identification of specific actions with responsibility for taking them forward.  The (Stress Management) workshop was very effective.

Peter Byrne, EC Harris


Before the (Generation Wise) Workshop I felt comfortable dealing with Millennials, but wanted to see whether there was anything more I could do to improve my management of that generation.

The biggest thing I got out of it was the management skills required for managing one generation do not differ from that of any other generation and coaching rather than teaching/training  staff is the still the best approach.

The results I’ve achieved are that staff are given even more opportunities to express themselves, allowing them to better engage themselves with the business which means improved focus and productivity by staff.

Ian Matthews, Manager, Kingston Smith


Before the (Generation Wise) Workshop I I knew a tiny bit about Millenials eg. that they may need info quicker and in a stimulating way.  I felt that we should embrace their ‘differences’ and use them to inform positive change in our organisation

The biggest thing I got out of it was confirmation that we may get better organisational performance if we recruit for attitude and fit with team and organisation.  I was already of the opinion that you can train for competence, but not for attitude.  Also the importance of engaging with our younger workers and really finding out about them.

I now have some very clear actions and have already started them.  I have already fed back key points that I learned to my departmental management team, and have suggested that we use lessons from engaging with millennials to help turn our organisation from a tanker into a speed boat.

which means I can modernise the way that I think and hopefully the things that I can influence.

Jacqueline Dowsing, Senior Learning and Development Officer, Luton Borough Council



The most beneficial aspect of the Stress Management training was the part that recognising stressors are part of life – the key is to recognise them and to distress by adopting a lifestyle that suits your personality.

Brenda Simpson, Regional Director, African Prisons Project

As a result of the (Stress Management) workshop I am better able to identify the causes of stress and what particularly triggers my stress and how to cope with those triggers.  I liked opening up the conversation among my co-workers. Working alongside them and encouraging conversation helped to see people’s own struggles and helped us all to relate to each other.

Kelsey Daugherty, Marketing Intern African Prisons Project

I learned not to separate “good” and “bad” emotions. Stress is ok if dealt with properly. I’d never thought of it in this way.

Anna Bennison, Marketing Intern, African Prisons Project



I found the workshop excellent, thorough, thought-provoking, inclusive and Hazel is very knowledgeable.

Amanda Riggall, Director, Croydon Council


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“The workshop (Positive Pressure: How to use emotional intelligence to reduce overwhelm and manage stress) was insightful and helpful and the course content was related to our everyday work environment i.e. it was ‘real’. Excellent.!”

Sara Holley, HR Services Partnership.


I benefitted from understanding the physiological events during periods of stress, how to recognise signs and strategies for coping.  As a result I will be kinder to myself and others when under stress to break the cycle.

Marian de Kretser, FDK Limited


I gained a greater understanding of Emotional Intelligence in this workshop and useful advice and exercises which I am now going to factor into my daily life.

Blod Jones, YES YOU CAN Workshop Attendee


I found Hazel’s approach very professional, very intuitive and she is a great listener.  My expectation of Coaching has been exceeded and it has resulted in me having a more work \ life balance and my relationship with my children has improved tremendously.  It has also improved other aspects of my life.  This has been due to Hazel giving me the confidence to achieve my goals no matter how big or small, in various aspects of my life.   I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Hazel and would highly recommend her as a Coach.

Caroline Phelan, One to One Coaching Programme


Hazel started the first session with pertinent, open questions, leading to focused discussions This helped me to formulate my own wishes, and translate them into tangible goals. We agreed action points at the end of each session, and Hazel followed up each meeting with an e-mail reflecting back to me a synopsis of what our discussion and what had been mutually agreed. Hazel have given me direction. I now have made my aspirations into concrete possible possibilities, by showing me that there is no reason, other than myself, for not achieving them. It has been a thoroughly rewarding experience.

Sitwad Hussein, One to One Coaching Programme