Going back to work after stress?

Is this you? Nearly three-quarters of people return to work early when suffering with workplace stress and 16% stay in work after being formally diagnosed with stress.   If you’ve been absent due to stress, did you feel pressured to go back to work because of what your colleagues or your boss might think?  Or were you worried that your work was piling up and the longer you were off the worse it … [Read more...]

Is Emotional Intelligence just a passing fad?

Bored and stressed in a meeting

Did you see the interesting article in the London Evening Standard on the 10th February? In it Jackie Switzer says that people with higher Emotional Intelligence earn more and perform better.  But is this true? It seems to be.  There is research which supports the view that, to be effective, we should develop the key skills of empathy, social awareness, self-awareness, self-regulation and … [Read more...]