How to be a better manager

Stephen is a very busy manager in the corporate world.  He cares about his team and his family and friends.  But he’s feeling frustrated at the moment because all he really wants to do is deliver on his KPIs and do a good job.  But he’s constantly held back by a shortage of time, workload and not getting what he needs from his team in terms of productivity and autonomy. He feels like he’s … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Cope with Criticism

Do find yourself hating appraisals because you are afraid of what your Manager might say about you? Do you react really badly to criticism? If you do, you’re not alone. No one likes being told they’ve done badly and some of us go out of our way to avoid any kind of negative feedback at all! But getting upset and angry isn’t going to help. Instead work on keeping an open mind and learn to use … [Read more...]

Is Emotional Intelligence just a passing fad?

Bored and stressed in a meeting

Did you see the interesting article in the London Evening Standard on the 10th February? In it Jackie Switzer says that people with higher Emotional Intelligence earn more and perform better.  But is this true? It seems to be.  There is research which supports the view that, to be effective, we should develop the key skills of empathy, social awareness, self-awareness, self-regulation and … [Read more...]

What everybody should know about Leaders

Business woman and her team

Do you know what type of Leader or Follower you are? You might think you don’t need to know as long as you are effective, but being aware of your own Leadership approach, or that of the people who lead you, can reduce stress, conflict and tensions, improve performance and lead to better communications. Many executives develop their leadership style early on in their career and it works for … [Read more...]

5 Surprisingly easy ways to read your clients’ minds


Have you ever been in a situation where you asked someone a question and, for no apparent reason, they snapped your head off?  Perhaps you had no idea what you did wrong and certainly no intention of upsetting anyone.  Maybe you simply wanted to be clear and concise and didn’t want to waffle?  Or you just wanted a quick answer to a question so that you could get on with your work.  This is what … [Read more...]