9 Ways to Cope with Criticism

Do find yourself hating appraisals because you are afraid of what your Manager might say about you? Do you react really badly to criticism? If you do, you’re not alone. No one likes being told they’ve done badly and some of us go out of our way to avoid any kind of negative feedback at all! But getting upset and angry isn’t going to help. Instead work on keeping an open mind and learn to use … [Read more...]

Why being perfect can ruin your life


Are you a perfectionist? How would you know if you are - and is it a bad thing anyway? Isn’t the pursuit of excellence what we should all strive for? When I first started my business I wanted everything to be in place and perfect before I went out to meet my clients. I spent ages learning how to do technical stuff; writing, re-writing (and re-re-re-writing) things to get them to what I … [Read more...]