Should Managers shift for Millennials?

I was speaking to a Manager the other day who is having issues with some of his younger staff.  The Millennials, Generation Ys, call them what you will.  He was telling me that he feels he has to ‘mollycoddle’ them to get them to engage with work and really, he thinks they should be just getting on with it. After all, he had to just knuckle down and fit in.  No-one pandered to his every whim just … [Read more...]

How do you build your dream Generation Y employee?

What are Your Skills and Passions - Venn Diagram

 What is a dream employee? Obviously, this will vary from company to company and even amongst individuals in the same company but, if you are like most Managers, you are strung out, frazzled, overworked and stressed. So, often, what you want, above all else, is someone who is genuinely interested in the job you’ve given them. Someone who feels passionate about the company, wants to learn, … [Read more...]

7 Reasons you need a ‘to do’ list

keep it simple

Most of us are not in control of our working lives, responding to whatever is going on around us and often lurching from one crisis or event to another.So as a tip to help you be more productive you need a list.  Not just any old list.  A smart list. Here’s why you need a listIt helps you focus on what really matters.  Often we respond to the latest demand made on us or we cherry-pick and do the … [Read more...]

Is your resignation letter always ready?

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Last evening I went to a talk by Nancy Honey, who photographed and interviewed 100 British high achieving females including well-known women like Germaine Greer, Shirley Williams and Martha Kearney. We heard about the UK's first female professor of surgery, politicians, scientists, restaurateurs, CEOs, authors, and much more. Many of them are the first women in their fields. What struck me … [Read more...]

What everybody should know about Leaders

Business woman and her team

Do you know what type of Leader or Follower you are? You might think you don’t need to know as long as you are effective, but being aware of your own Leadership approach, or that of the people who lead you, can reduce stress, conflict and tensions, improve performance and lead to better communications. Many executives develop their leadership style early on in their career and it works for … [Read more...]