‘Survive and Thrive’ work skills for the Generation Y

Business woman and her teamA series of 90-minute ‘work outs’ designed to provide the skills required to ensure that inexperienced employees have the skills and expertise they need for peak performance.  

Modules can be combined into a programme or taken individually to address a particular need.  Please contact me for more details.

  1. Understanding your manger
    1. The difference in generations
    2. What managers want and expect from you
    3. How to receive instructions and get things done
    4. What is feedback and acting on it and handling negative feedback
    5. Negotiating for win-win solutions
  2. Managing your work relationships
    1. Your manager is not your ‘friend’
    2. Getting people to like you – influencing others
    3. What to do if you are unhappy (bullying)
    4. How to interact with clients and senior managers
  3. How to manage your time
    1. Prioritising
    2. Organising your work
    3. Meeting deadlines
    4. Staying focused and motivated
  4. How to learn from mistakes
    1. What is a mistake?
    2. Why we make mistakes
    3. Owning up and finding a solution – making it ‘right’
    4. How to recover and learn from mistakes
  5. Making decisions
    1. How to make good decisions and explain them to your manager
    2. What is a good or bad decision
    3. How we make decisions
  6. Email management
    1. Keeping your inbox manageable
    2. Writing good business emails
    3. And how to avoid the bad
    4. Email etiquette
    5. Data protection
    6. Company policies
  7. How to behave at work
    1. Social media at work
    2. Time keeping
    3. Keeping your manager informed
    4. How to present yourself
    5. How to dress for work
    6. The manners that are expected of you
    7. Office /workplace etiquette
  8. Attending meetings
    1. What is an agenda?
    2. What are meetings for?
    3. What is your role?
    4. How to contribute effectively
    5. Your behaviour – no drama, it’s not a TV show!
  9. Emotional Intelligence
    1. What it is and why you really need it to get ahead
    2. Building self awareness
    3. Managing your emotions
    4. Establishing relationships
    5. Social intelligence
  10. Networking
    1. What is business networking?
    2. Why will you need to do it?
    3. What do you want to get out of it
    4. How to network effectively
    5. Where to network