10 things you need to know about life


I’ve been lucky enough to be given many opportunities in my life.  Some of these have been positive, some not so positive; but I have grown from all of them and they have shaped the person I am today. Here are some of the things I’ve learned from life.  Do you recognise any of these from your own experiences? 1.Change is much easier than you think - once you know what you want How can we … [Read more...]

Are you an email addict?


How’s your email management?  Do you manage it? Or does it manage you? Who is the boss here? Surprisingly for a lot of people email is alpha. A survey carried out in America by AOL found that New York is the most email-addicted City. The results are alarming to say the least. Almost two-thirds (61%) of New York email users say they’ve checked their email from the bathroom. Other popular … [Read more...]

Do you want to improve your personal or team performance?

stress management

Hi there, I will soon be publishing a series of posts that you will find useful to all areas of your life, but particularly on how to improve your personal effectiveness or team performance by developing excellent executive skills.   My posts will include information on time management, workload management, effective communication, decision making and problem solving, stress management, … [Read more...]

Do you never seem to have any time?

girl in the woods

Do you feel you are chasing your tail, always running to catch up?  Are you so busy with your day-to-day living or work that you never get to do the things you really want to do? Does this make you stressed, anxious, and even depressed? In this article we begin to look at how you can create more time for yourself, get stuff done and begin a whole new way of operating. Do you really value your … [Read more...]