Think stress is a badge of honour? Think again.

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Your accident stats are great.  You are performing well on the health and safe front and proud of it.  But what about the dangers you can’t see?  The risks you might not be measuring but that could one day jump out and bite you. I’m talking about stress. If I asked if you or your people were stressed what would you say? ‘Everyone’s stressed.  It’s just part of life’. ‘No such thing as stress, … [Read more...]

The clocks went back – what did you do with your extra hour?

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The clocks went back – what did  you do with your extra hour? I love it when the clocks go back in the UK and we ‘gain’ an extra hour. What did you do with it? Stay out knowing that it wasn’t really that late? Or deliberately wake at your usual time but luxuriate in the knowledge that you had an extra hour in bed?   For me, it always feels like I’ve been given a gift – illogical I know, but … [Read more...]

Sleep or smartphone – which one wins?

Jenn Hoffman, CEO of The J Brand Group, was sipping champagne and eagerly awaiting her starter, a Breton lobster, at the stylish Louis XV restaurant. Suddenly her BlackBerry lit up, and so did her technology addiction. She responded immediately.   "I'm so addicted to this device that I stopped mid-bite to send a message. My BlackBerry runs my life," Hoffman says. She has a 24/7 technology … [Read more...]

How do you build your dream Generation Y employee?

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 What is a dream employee? Obviously, this will vary from company to company and even amongst individuals in the same company but, if you are like most Managers, you are strung out, frazzled, overworked and stressed. So, often, what you want, above all else, is someone who is genuinely interested in the job you’ve given them. Someone who feels passionate about the company, wants to learn, … [Read more...]

7 Reasons you need a ‘to do’ list

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Most of us are not in control of our working lives, responding to whatever is going on around us and often lurching from one crisis or event to another.So as a tip to help you be more productive you need a list.  Not just any old list.  A smart list. Here’s why you need a listIt helps you focus on what really matters.  Often we respond to the latest demand made on us or we cherry-pick and do the … [Read more...]