Managing the new Generations bite sized training

A selection of 90 – minute, bite sized modules to raise the awareness of the best way to manage and develop your new employees

These can be taken as stand alone modules or combined into a transformative, full day workshop

  1. Understanding your Gen Y and Gen Z employees
    • Why they are different?
    • What has influenced them?
    • What drives them?
    • What do they want from their career?
  1. Getting the best out of them
    • Giving feedback effectively
    • They will challenge you and your practices – how to cope
    • Delegating effectively and imposing deadlines
    • Negotiating to achieve the highest productivity you can
    • Help them find meaning in their work
    • Using rewards intelligently – what excites them?
  1. What you can do to help them be your ideal employee
    • Owning up to and learning from mistakes
    • Teaching them and encouraging teamwork
    • Teaching communications etiquette – email use, social media, venting frustrations online
    • Decision making – how you do it differently
    • Time management – they are not used to meeting deadlines /deadlines in University or College often not having been imposed
    • Writing skills – how to write professionally
    • Recognising their limitations and identifying their learning needs
  1. Managing the relationship
    • Why the old ways of managing may not work anymore
    • How a coaching approach to management is different to what may have been done before
    • Setting boundaries and maintaining a relationship – why they think you are their friend
    • What is trust and respect and why it is so important for both sides
  1. How to say goodbye gracefully
    • Understanding that they will not stay long – it’s not you
    • Making them your ambassadors when they leave
    • Staying in touch to potentially entice them back
  1. What about you?
    • Who’s looking after you?
    • What about your stress levels – how to build resilience and roll with the changes
    • Self awareness and managing your emotions
    • Maintaining your own confidence – the importance of mentorship and support