Working as a Manager in the NHS, Civil Service and Corporate world, I learned how challenging being a Manager can be.  Like many, I was promoted due to technical competence.  To start with I wasn’t a good Manager. I had to learn the hard way, making many mistakes along the way.

I also had to build teams, recruiting young people, the so-called Generation Ys or Millennials, the under 30’s.  Although talented and well educated, they often don’t have the necessary skills, such as how to talk to people and build rapport. I spent a lot of my time developing them. Giving them the skills they needed to be productive and perform at their best took me away from my real job of winning business.

All this meant my stress levels went up affecting my work.

I had to learn to mange my stress.  I drew on my experience and studied work related stress, emotional intelligence and peak performance.  From this I created a method that worked for me and works for my clients too.

So now I specialize in promoting productivity skills for businesses who want their employees to thrive and get ahead, without increasing stress levels.

We need to look after  our Managers and our younger employees because they are the Leaders of the future.  The experience and knowledge of the older generations coupled with the energy, passion and drive of younger employees is a powerful combination that can take organisations from merely functional to absolute peak performance.

And how amazing would that be?

My background

As well as being a CPD Certified Coach and Trainer I am an Ex-Health and Safety Inspector, Matron and Teacher with worldwide experience in the UK, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Nepal and Africa.

Because I have worked in so many fields I understand the challenges faced in various sectors including banking, local authorities, NHS Trusts, construction consultancies, architects and others.   I am well placed to help organisations to develop their people. This creates a competitive advantage with greater productivity, higher rates of staff retention and happier staff.

If you’d like to get to know me better, how about listening to a couple of radio interviews? The first is a general interview where I talk about what I do, but has quite a bit of information on why we need to address our technology habits – or digital addiction as some like to call it. http://www.brooklandsradio.co.uk/justwomen/hmccallum150922.mp3

Or listen in to hear how businesses and individuals can benefit from building resilience and efficiency thereby increasing chances of promotion, productivity , better relationships and less conflict.